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Jan 17

How One Company Transformed its Sales Org

Brandon's expertise combined with the versatility of Compgun allowed him to make informed decisions about comp structure to motivate the team, save time, and run the sales org like the transparent, finely-tuned, highly-efficient sales machine that it should be. He's now the Director of Sales Analytics at Shopkeep POS.

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NOV 10

Modelling Simple Commission Plans

Often in these cases, a series of delayed accelerators, or increasing commission percentages and fixed bonuses can be used to create ever increasing rewards for high performers. This kind of structure can be used pretty successfully to mold a lean sales team consisting only of extremely high performers. Use the widget below to do some simple what-if analyses on your reps, and get an idea of what their annual income would look like.

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How Many Sales People Should I Have?

Sales people will need some time to ramp up, so you won't be able to assess their performance without at least a few months of payroll. If you grow your sales team too slowly, you might be leaving customers out for your more-aggressive competitors to claim before you do, yet if you grow your team too fast you risk saturation, and may take on more liability than you can handle.

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OCT 31

How to Roll Out a Commission Plan

The reality is that commission plans must change to reflect new business priorities. In any good business, although the mission and vision are (ideally) constant, the initiatives undertaken to fulfill that vision are not. If your business intends to execute on three new strategic initiatives in 2016, would it make sense to retain the commission plan that was built around last year’s goals?

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OCT 28

Callidus vs Compgun

Callidus Cloud was formed close to twenty years ago, in the early days of the internet, and offers solutions for every aspect of running and managing a sales team, of which sales compensation is one part. For a large, enterprise sales force that requires enterprise agility, buying into an entire ecosystem contractually locked in for several years can provide some advantages. However, there are pros and cons to every system, and when deciding which product is right for you, remember to ask yourself the following questions.

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OCT 14

Feature Highlight: Using Multiple Browsers in Compgun

When evaluating different software products sales commission admins frequently have specific use cases in mind. For example, Xactly users often wish to have the application open in many different browser windows at a time. One Xactly user, xactlykulik, describes the process of using multiple browsers in one of our competitors.

OCT 11

Xactly vs Compgun

If you’re operating a sales team, commissions are the single biggest business expense you manage. Assuming you’ve made the (very smart) decision to move that process out of Excel and email and into an enterprise-grade system, you have a few options including Obero SPM, Xactly, and Compgun. In this post, I’ll focus on some of the important differences between Compgun and Xactly.

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JUN 16

Why Sales Incentives Matter

At Compgun, our work centers on a simple belief: that performance-based pay is the single most powerful and dynamic operating lever that C-Suite executives have at their disposal. It is a tool that can both increase business performance and help a company maneuver through emerging market opportunities. Below, we’ll walk you through the logical underpinnings of that idea, and provide some compelling reasons to re-think the importance of incentive compensation in your business.

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